8 Differences of Online and Offline Marketing

There are lots of specific differences between the two, and it also depends on the exact type of online or offline marketing you do…but are some of the main differences:

Offline Marketing:

1) Expensive – You have to pay all this money upfront, and who knows if you’ll even get a call.

2) Hard to Get +ROI – It’s hard to get a positive ROI when you factor in all the time, costs, and not-so-good targeting.

3) Not Flexible – You’re very limited on what you can do or change. You want to set a minimum budget? Target any specific geographic location you want? It’s not happening…

4) Not Trackable – You can use a separate number for tracking calls from a specific campaign, but you can’t track website visits and all the other things like you can online.

5) No Analytics – Where did they come from? Who referred them? How long did they stay? What did they do? You can’t get any of this valuable info with offline campaigns.

6) No Easy Testing – Good luck trying to test anything.

7) Not as Targeted – A lot of offline marketing is not targeted to your most ideal client.

8) Hard to Scale – What if you want to expand your campaign to new locations or just get more exposure overall? Good luck…

Online Marketing:

1) Affordable – If you do it right, it can be extremely affordable.

2) Easier to Get +ROI – With all the data you have access to, and all the continued testing and optimizing you can do…it’s A LOT easier to get a positive ROI.

3) Extremely Flexible – You only want to spend $50/mo on advertising? No problem. You want to target only a 2-mile radius of your business? No problem. Anything is possible.

4) Everything is Trackable – You will know everything, will know where everyone is coming from, and will have access to all sorts of tracking options.

5) Analytics on Everything – Want to know how many people visited your website? Where they came from? How long they stayed? If they came back ever? What keyword they used? Where they are clicking on your site? NO PROBLEM! You’ll know all that and TONS more.

6) Easy to Setup Quick Tests – You can literally test a campaign in a few hours with less than $50 bucks if you really wanted to. Obviously the more data you gather, the more accurate it will be…but still. The testing options are endless.

7) Best Targeting Options – You can target who you want, when you want, from where you want. Target by demographics, interests, intent, occupation…ANYTHING you want!

8) Easy to Scale – Like the results you’re getting and want to step it up a notch? Sure, not a problem. You can do it easily.  Target more locations, more keywords, more websites, more traffic sources…the opportunities are endless.

Ben Marvazi8 Differences of Online and Offline Marketing

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